Good morning Chris, i would just like to warn you that i have been tasked as the "stag" to ask you three of the dumbest questions ever about WW2, Please play along.

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Stag Weekend Dday tour, 

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 Chris!  We have raved to friends and family about your great ability to give an fabulous tour and I want to give you a 5 star rating and review on Trip Advisor.
Thanks again for bringing D Day to life for us!

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Looking forward to the Day

By the way, ive brought two MREs from the US Army to add for the food today

McBrooms settling UK v US Rations debate.

My husband and I recently returned from a trip to France and we truly enjoyed our D-Day tour with Chris Emery ( I've visited the beaches before on a group tour, but this was a totally different experience. I chose his tour because he had combat experience serving with the Royal Marine Commandos, and I knew my husband would enjoy a tour given by somebody with that perspective. He met us at our hotel in Bayeux, and we spent the next 8 plus hours driving from one historical site to the next. We visited Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery, Point du Hoc, Angoville Au Plain, Utah Beach and St Mere Eglise. Everywhere we went, he made D-Day come alive with colorful stories and photos of the people and events that made the invasion both a challenge and a success. I highly recommend his tour!!

Admiral Vojovich US Coastguard

D-Day is the name given to the landing of 160,000 Allied troops in Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944. The success of the invasion of Normandy was really the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. The invasion, also called “Operation Overlord”, involved five separate landings by American, British, and Canadian troops and was commanded by American General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Stiff German resistance resulted in nearly 10,000 Allied casualties, but the Germans were ultimately unable to repel the Allied forces. Although German resistance continued even after all five beachheads were taken, they had too few troops in the area to be effective. By August 1944, all of Northern France was under Allied control as Eisenhower began to prepare for the invasion of Germany.

​Normandy Battlefield Tours in your own vehicle

If you travel Europe and you are in need of a local tour guide Navy and Co will give you a different view of the battle, a soldier's perspective, someone who has been there and done it. You will get an insight into how a young man in combat would feel, his worries,his fears and his reactions to war. I have had the privilege of meeting and talking to many  WW2 heroes ,engaging with them and sharing some wonderful stories. All these I will share with you.

​​It's war as told by a combat veteran